Genuine Leather Embossed Journals: Quality and Practicality That Can Last a Lifetime
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Genuine Leather Embossed Journals: Quality and Practicality That Can Last a Lifetime

Whether you are looking for a new diary to scribble down your daily notes or you need to find the perfect present for someone, leather journals are the answer! Useful as well as luxurious, these embossed diaries are the perfect combination between traditional plain paper diaries and premium leather organisers.

Here at Woodland Leathers we love to combine quality with practicality so we have decided to launch a new line of leather embossed journals for any occasion!

Leather journals that can last a lifetime

Whether for professional purposes or to scribble and sketch, the average person goes through at least three large notebooks per year. But what happens if we swap an ordinary notepad for a refillable one? You get a sustainable product that can potentially last you for a lifetime!

If you think a refillable journal is the right option for you, then we offer three different styles: plain, with a padlock and with a classic masquerade mask embossment. And if you’re looking for something even more unique, you can choose a non-refillable genuine leather journal with a useful pencil storage!

While these types of leather journals are more suitable for a professional use mainly due to their simple design, we also offer a variety of creative styles; from drama-inspired designs to legendary themes, there is a leather journal for everyone at Woodland Leathers!

What are leather embossed journals made from?

Our embossed journals are handmade from 100% genuine leather, featuring approximately 190 pages of plain, handmade 90 GSM paper in a classic cream colour. Inside the front and back covers, you will find a beautifully illustrated world map that adds a touch of uniqueness to your journal.

These luxurious embossed journals will provide the perfect canvas for all your thoughts and designs and, if you want to preserve the leather, make sure you use the right products.
Just like you would do for a pair of genuine leather boots or a jacket, cleaning and polishing the journal will keep it looking young for years to come. The Woodland Leathers Cleaner and Leather Protection Cream will moisturise the leather, preventing any damage or discolouration.

Browse our full range of Genuine Leather Embossed Journals to see more designs now!

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