Woodland Leathers’ Response to Covid-19: How a Family Business Can Handle a Global Emergency

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, causing a global emergency that has affected most businesses. Some, unfortunately have been completely devastated from it; others, however are holding tight, making sure they survive the emergency and come back stronger than ever.

Last week was a very strange week for Woodland Leathers; after discussing whether or not to continue production and sales, Avtar and Param Doal, the company’s owners, decided it would be wise to put a halt to business and take a few days to evaluate the situation.
Resilience is at the basis of every family-owned business and, after weighing the pros and cons, the two brothers decided that it would be best to carry on like they have always done.

Founded over fifty years ago in the heart of Brick Lane, in London, Woodland Leathers has since been the Doal family’s main occupation. Stopping production now would not only mean disappointing many loyal customers, but also failing the core principle at the basis of the company: hard work.
To keep Woodland Leathers going, the two brothers have taken the matter into their own hands and, while they are not in any way underestimating the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, they accepted the government’s advice to carry on online retail.

Of course, a few safety measures had to be taken – the main one being reassuring the team that they could carry on with their work remotely from the safety of their home. Avtar and Param, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to take turns at the warehouse and fulfil all the orders received every day. While this decision is critical to preserve the business, the brothers have also decided to help NHS staff offering exclusive discounts on all products and launching a #StayHome campaign promoting arts & crafts in support of mental health.

It is in times like this that consumers can see the true colours of their favourite brands; here at Woodland Leathers we have gone above and beyond to protect the health of our staff members while complying with the new regulations from the government.
This global emergency has given us the chance to slow things down and focus on what really matters: the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

Thank you to all the consumers who keep supporting independent businesses like ours – we are looking forward to going back to our normality and start producing beautiful leather goods to ship to our loyal customers all over the world.

Today we are stronger than yesterday and weaker than tomorrow!

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