A New Exciting Project For Our ‘Refurbish and Recycle’ Programme

Here at Woodland Leathers we are committed to sustainability and, to show our respect for materials, we offer a unique leather recycling service to anyone who is interested in repurposing their old leather.

Our Refurbish and Recycle programme was created with the aim to repair and resell leather items in order to donate the proceeds to charity. As a small family-owned business, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and we want to do our part. That is why we offer a free collection service to anyone who has any leather waiting to be repurposed.

While we are used to receiving distressed leather bags and leather jackets to be up-cycled, we have recently worked on a unique project: recycling leather from an old sofa.

Lisa and her husband wanted to give their old leather sofa a new life so they kindly removed all the leather off the frame, put it in a box and sent it to us via our pre-paid collection.

We are thrilled to have such a unique opportunity to reinvent and re-use the leather from such a beautiful sofa and we wanted to share the process with you.

The gorgeous two-seater sofa will be turned into 12” x 12” leather swatches that we will donate to Barnardo’s, our dedicated charity. All proceeds from the up-cycled leather swatches will go towards supporting this wonderful charity to help vulnerable children.

Learn more about Barnardo’s mission here and if you have some leather you would like to repurpose, why not considering our Refurbish & Recycle programme?

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