How To Take Care of Your Leather

As people become more conscious about sustainability, it is becoming clearer that taking good care of your clothes and accessories can go a long way.

Here at Woodland Leathers we offer specialist leather repairs as well as a leather recycling services to give your items a new life and, on top of that, we also want to help you make your leather last longer with our range of leather care products.

In this brief guide we will show you how to take care of leather garments and accessories by following a few simple steps!

Dry your leather

Despite being a hard-wearing, durable material, leather can be damaged if exposed to excessive moisture so make sure you always dry your leather garments, shoes or accessories if they get we. We offer two waterproofing sprays that are great to keep your leather dry. Our Collonil Carbon Pure Waterproofer has an Innovative carbon technology with a long-lasting effect against moisture and dirt while our Collonil Waterstop Spray is approved for use with Gore-Tex and High Tex materials, whilst also containing UV filters to prevent colour fade.

Use specialist cleaning products

If you notice small stains or light dirt on your leather goods then using a specialist product like the Collonil Soft Gum to clean them can help keep them looking new for years to come. Our Collonil gum is suitable for gentle, dry cleaning of nubuck, fine suede and leather.

Keep things eco-friendly

If you want to stick to a more eco-friendly leather care routine, then our Collonil bamboo lotion is the perfect product for you! Great for a sustainable leather care, the bamboo extract in this spray is used to prevent lack of moisture.
Produced without propellants, this spray comes with a pump dispenser for environmental compatibility.

Make sure you follow these very simple, yet important steps and your lather goods will look fresh for a very long time. One last piece of advice from us: keep your leather bags and shoes in a suitable box or dust bag in order to protect them from any scratches or small scuffs.

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