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Woodland Leathers: The History of Briefcases

Known for being the most common type of personal luggage, specifically for professionals, attache bags and briefcases have a fascinating history.

Dating back to the 16th century, when William Shakespeare mentioned a satchel in his comedy “As You Like It”, briefcases have come a long way, claiming a spot in the top leather accessories.

Our Sleek Brown Satchel Briefcase 15.0″ With Front Flap, for instance, is a top seller for a few very valid reasons! Made from shiny high-quality leather, this satchel briefcase has a single central lock and key mechanism made from solid brass and a sturdy and matching handle on top. This satchel case has a slim concealed pocket to the rear which is perfect for those essential day to day items or perhaps documents.

If we go even further back in time then we will find that briefcases and satchels were also very popular in the Roman Empire by the name “Roman Loculus” (little place). And if you’re looking for a “little place” to carry all your essentials then what’s better than a sleek Classic Black Satchel Briefcase 14.5”. Internally trimmed in a black microfibre lining, this leather briefcase is accessed by a main flap with a Woodland Leather Logo. Once the flap is open there is a main zip compartment and a further open compartment for easy access, making this sleek briefcase a very spacious one too!

Despite existing for centuries, there is still some confusion around what makes a satchel briefcase different from an attache. Attache bags feature a hinged frame and two compartments, while briefcases include an additional gusset for extra space.

Our Bonded Leather Attache 18″ Multi Compartments Pouch Pocket is an expanding attache handcrafted from high-quality tan leather. Fitted with twin pewter combination locks for security this attache also features protective pewter studs on the base for protecting your case. Thanks to the ample internal organiser pockets, this attache is ideal to carry all your belongings and business documents safely in one place!

Here at Woodland Leathers we offer a wide range of leather attache bags and briefcases that range from timeless designs to more modern ones. Shop the range now!

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