Woodland Leathers | Top Tips for Your Leather!

As you will know by now, here at Woodland Leathers we are invested in helping our customers make the most out of their leather accessories and jackets. While we believe in the importance of treating yourselves with a new leather item every now and then we also know that looking after your garments and accessories can go a long way!

Here are a few of our top tips to keep your leather looking healthy and bright for years to come.

Stuck zippers

This common issue with zippers happens a lot with leather garments and accessories – from bags to boots! The best way of unsticking a stuck zipper is by using a lubricant, such as petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) and brushing it on the teeth of your zipper. Take a look at the video below to learn Param’s special trick to unstick your zippers.

Keep the brightness

If you want to go the extra mile to keep your leather looking healthy and bright then our Collonil gels and sprays are the way to go!

You will find a variety of leather care products on sale on our website. Take a look at the Collonil Wax Leather below!

Collonil Wax Leather cleans and cares for fine leather, ideal for natural matt-finished leather. The wax cream removes dirt and does not shine the leather, leaving the same natural finish as before.

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