Established in London in 1965, Woodland Leathers have produced, supplied and repaired thousands of leather garments in the UK and abroad. With over fifty years of experience in restorations and repairs, you can rest assured that your leather garments and accessories are in good hands with us; our highly-experienced leather technician is here to help you, whether you need the sleeves of your jacket to be lengthened or you simply want to restore your leather bag to its original beauty!

Our leather repair services include:
• Leather clothing repairs (cuts, scratches or holes)
• Leather recolouring (stains or wear-and-tear damage)
• Leather alterations (lengthening or shortening of sleeves)

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Friendly family business, I took in my Gucci bag to fix the zip (it was stuck and couldn't move it) and Uncle did a fabulous job! Very grateful to have found this place and will def be coming back if I ever need any fixing on my bags or leather goods. 😊
Karen Russell
Karen Russell
I had a beautiful designer tote bag that needed replacement straps, I couldn’t bear to part with it so this company repaired it for me. I am SO happy with the repair thank you. The customer service was fantastic and my bag was repaired in less than 5 days
Geri Lee
Geri Lee
Amazing service from Avy and his team. They are such great people. I am so happy that my favourite leather jacket was revived. My light pink 'All Saints' leather jacket was soiled from the hand gel and the only way to save it is to dye it into another colour. I must say it was the best decision and the jacket looks better than before. I had quite a few compliments recently when I wore it. I would definitely recommend their service and if you want to restore or dye your leather jacket, that's the place to go to. Thank you so much.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
I had taken my jacket to a repair shop in Romford I wanted the sheepskin cuffs Removed well to make a list mg story short They made a really bad job of it so I went on Google to see if someone could sort it out For me spoke to avi what a gentleman who asked me to come down to show him the Jacket which I did he introduced me to his Repair uncle as they call him what a lovely Gentleman all the staff there are really friendly Well I’ve collected my jacket today I must say Woodland leather have done a fantastic job Exactly how I wanted the cuffs repair man Uncle is a genius what a first class service I know where I’ll be going for a leather or a repair it will be woodland leathers without Doubt fantastic company can’t give enough Praise to them Steve smit Romford
Roberta Orr
Roberta Orr
I absolutely love woodland leathers there quality of leather is superb there prices are great there professionals is frist class
Jeremy Cox
Jeremy Cox
It's a real pleasure to be able to share my experience of Woodlandleathers online. Despite their super busy schedule, Avy and his team always made time to answer my questions, provide a level of customer service that is hard to find in this day and age, and most importantly get the work done. Work done to a high level, within excellent time frames and at a very reasonable cost. Based on my experience I can't recommend Woodlandleathers enough! Thank you once again! Jeremy
Arthur Wolstenholme
Arthur Wolstenholme
I purchased a Woodlands Leather jacket some years ago and really loved the soft supple leather and also the jacket design and comfort. I had a lot of use from wearing it until I caught it on thorns and ripped a few tears. By then it was looking a little sorry in a few places. I contacted Woodlands leather and they said send it to us and we will repair it. Received Jacket back and it now has a new lease of life. They did a really nice job repairing it. Highly recommend their leather Jackets and also their repair service. Thank you Avy
linda burton
linda burton
I am very pleased with the two belts I ordered thay came very quickly thank you I will be ordering from you again
Sal Siddiqui
Sal Siddiqui
Fabulous jackets - both Criss cross, coupled with superb service from kio and avy. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Forget Bond st

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Our warehouse in Loughton (East London / Essex), is well equipped with machinery and skilled technicians to carry out repairs and restorations of multiple magnitudes. So, if you are looking for a reliable leather repair or leather restoration service, look no further than Woodland Leathers; we are yet to meet a customer who felt dissatisfied with the outcome of their leather repair or restoration!

Why choose us for your leather repair or restoration? Our skilled technicians will alter or repair your leather garments and accessories with delicate techniques that will preserve the overall beauty of your item while improving its quality. Whether you need minor alterations or major customisations, get in touch today for a free quote and rest assured that we will satisfy all your needs and expectations! Get in touch with us today, call 020 8502 2910 or email

Leather Jacket Repair Cost

If your leather garment or item does not fit you as it should, or is ripped/damaged, then we have the skills to alter or repair it for you correctly. It is important that leather alterations are always undertaken by professionals as leather alterations that are not performed correctly can ruin your garment and are nearly always irreversible.

A tear or rip does not need to mean the end for a leather jacket or coat. Our skilled Tailors have the ability to replace panels and use specialised techniques to restore your leather jacket or coat to its original condition.

  • Tapering sides
  • Tapering sleeves
  • Shortening hem
  • Shortening cuff
  • Zip Replacement
  • Minor snag patch up
  • Minor snag / panel replace
  • Re conditioning / re colouring
  • Replace buttons and studs
  • Lining replace

Repairs starting prices

  • Sleeve – From £35
  • Lining– From £80
  • Colour – From £120
  • ZIP Change – From £70

For a more accurate quote, please email us with photos at

    This men’s leather parka presented a large tear on the back, which our specialist leather technician was able to mend in no time at all. The jacket was successfully repaired and overall refurbished, leaving it looking as good as new!

    One of our best leather refurbs to date! This beautiful ladies biker jacket was brought in by a customer who wanted general refurb to bring the jacket back to its original beauty. Our experienced technician as able to re-colour the jacket by applying clack leather dye and mend all the little rips and tears on the cuffs and front panels.

    This green ladies biker jacket was brought in by a customer who wanted the sleeve (where you can see the white stains) to be cleaned up and recoloured. Our experienced leather technician was able to remove the stains for the customer, giving this beautiful jacket its original beauty back.

    This beautiful leather coat was brought in for a general refurbish and lining change. As you can see from the pictures, our experienced leather technician was able to recondition and recolour the jacket and repair the minor tears on the arms and inside the pockets.

    This black leather jacket presented a snag on the sleeve which couldn’t simply be mended with an invisible repair. Our leather technician has found the perfect leather skin to match the jacket and performed a panel change for the customer.

    This gorgeous All Saints leather was in need of a sleeve shortening, which our experienced leather technician was able to achieve in a seamless operation. Once he cut the sleeves to the desired length, he popped the lining and zipper back in place.

    The two jackets in the picture were sent in by a customer for a general refurbishment. As you can see in the close-up, we replaced the lining with a brown satin twill. Our leather technician also replaced the buttons and had the jackets steam pressed and cleaned.

    We recently received one of our perforated leather jackets in for a repair. The jacket presented a long rip along the side, which our leather technician was able to mend with no trouble. As you can see, the jacket is now good as new!

    We recently shared a panel change repair on a black Armani leather jacket. The customer was so impressed with the panel change that he decided to go ahead and change all the other panels as well. As shown in the pictures, our experienced leather technician carefully replaced the old leather panels with brand new ones, giving this stunning jacket a new life!

    This leather jacket was brought in by a customer who wanted to give it a general refurbish. Our experienced leather technician added a leather lip to each cuff and recoloured around the buttons. To repair the fraying leather, we also added a vertical leather piece, matching the lip around the cuffs. As you can see from the images, the lining was also changed.

    This leather re-colouring job was a tedious yet satisfying project, which required our leather technician’s expertise and patience over the course of a week. As illustrated by the before & after pictures, the jacket was re-coloured in a vibrant brown, creating a unique look that the customer will love!

    This black Armani leather jacket was brought in by a customer who wanted a general refurbish. In particular, our experienced leather technician has performed a panel change on the front of the jacket, replacing the damaged leather – which was peeling away – with a brand new black panel.

    Our leather technician has been busy working on dozens of repairs over the past few weeks – here is our latest one! This tan leather jacket was in need of a lining change, which our experienced leather technician was able to achieve, adding great value to an already beautiful jacket.

    This pink ladies leather jacket presented a tear on its left arm, which our experienced leather technician mended with an invisible repair.

    This leather biker jacket was brought in by a customer who wanted to fix the small tear on its right sleeve. Our experienced leather technician performed an invisible repair, mending the tear with incredible results.

    Our most recent leather repair was a zip replacement on a gorgeous leather skirt. The customer brought in this black skirt with a small tear in the leather just next to the zipped closure. Our leather technician removed the old zipper and replaced it with the new one, stitching it back in place.

    We have recently taken in a stunning men’s leather jacket in need or a small alteration. Our leather technician re-coloured all three zippers and poppers, changing them from silver to brass.

    These two jackets were brought in by a customer who wanted to bring them back to their original beauty. Our experienced leather technician has carefully re-coloured the leather, achieving impressive results!

    This men’s leather jacket by All Saints was brought in by a customer who wanted a sleeve shortening job. Without damaging the cuffs, our experienced leather technician was able to cut the sleeves to size, keeping the stitching homogeneous on the cuffs.

    This gorgeous fur jacket by the brand Sandro was brought in by a customer who wanted an invisible repair on a rip. In order to avoid damaging the beautiful fur with leather glue, our leather technician opted for an internal stitching repair, which successfully mended the rip without compromising the quality of the jacket.

    This leather biker jacket presented a big rip on the chest, which our leather technician was able to repair. The options for a repair were a ‘panel change’ or an ‘invisible repair’; the customer chose the latter and we were able to glue the leather down, fixing the rip for him.

    A very elaborate alteration on this stunning men’s suede jacket which needed a sleeve shortening. Our leather technician has adjusted the sleeve to size, without affecting the jacket’s overall design, making sure to keep the zipped cuffs intact. Another great leather alteration job by Woodland Leathers!

    This classic ladies biker jacket by Zara was brought in by a customer who wanted to shorten its sleeves without losing the zipper closure. Our experienced leather technician worked some magic on this beautiful jacket, shortening the cuffs from the seams, leaving the zipper closure unaltered.

    A customer brought in these two lovely leather jackets for a re-colouring and general refurbishment. Our experienced leather technician used a special leather dye to touch up any discolouring and make them look as good as new.

    One of our most recent repairs; this Jigsaw leather jacket was brought in by a customer with a bad rip near the left side pocket. Our expert leather technician has carefully fixed the tear with an invisible repair, bringing this ladies biker jacket back to its original beauty.

    Woodland Leathers’ most recent repair; this beautiful white leather jacket was in need of a lining substitution. Our experienced leather technician has unstitched the old lining, replacing it with a new one and he added a missing button for the customer. To complete the job, he has polished the jacket as best as possible, getting rid of some noticeable marks and scratches.

    These two leather bags needed a strap extension – an easy alteration job for our experienced leather technician.  The customer was also kind enough to provide us with an old leather belt that we will use for the alteration.

    A customer recently brought in this beautiful leather Soul Revolver jacket for a sleeve tapering job. As you can see from the picture, our leather technician adjusted both arms to meet the customer’s expectations without affecting the quality of the jacket.

    This beautiful tan leather bag needed a minor attachment replacement and a black insert to the side of the shoulder strap for extra resistance. Our experienced leather technician completed all the alterations in a timely manner leaving another happy customer.

    This leather biker jacket was recently brought in by a customer who wanted three badges sewn onto it.  As you can see from the picture, our experienced leather technician will apply the St. George’s badge on the back of the jacket and the two other badges on the front.

    A new repair carried out by Woodland Leathers on a pair of biker leather trousers for a customer who needed both zips at the bottom of the legs to be changed and the both pockets to be checked and repaired.

    Today we have a 30-years-old Harley Davidson leather biker jacket in need of  cleaning and recolouring. Our expert leather technician will carefully remove the Harley Davidson badge and recolour the jacket with three layers of high-quality black dye.

    This ladies’s biker jacket by Whistles was in need for a restoration and colouring. On its arrival, the leather jacket presented a few marks, which have been re-coloured by our experienced leather technician, bringing the jacket back to its original beauty. The lining of the biker jacket has also been changed.

    Yet another specialist repair carried out by Woodland Leathers. This beautiful All Saints biker jacket was in need of a sleeve shortening. Our leather technician has cut the sleeves to size and re-stitched the cuffs for a beautifully seamless leather alteration!

    Yet another specialist repair on a beautiful All Saints biker jacket we received. As you can see from the before picture, the jacket presented two rips on its sleeve, which needed to be mended. Our specialist leather technician opted for an invisible repair, sealing the rips together for a discreet, efficient repair.

    This is an alteration on a soft Massimo Dutti jacket. Our experienced leather technician shortened the sleeves for the customer and re-placed the studs back on the cuffs. The jacket is now as good as new, leaving another happy customer for Woodland Leathers.

    This is a ladies biker jacket by the motorcycle clothing brand Blackbird. This beautiful black jacket features protective padding around the elbow and shoulder area, two front pockets and a fur collar. This was a sleeve shortening job carried out perfectly by our experienced leather technician. We took two inches off each sleeve, leaving the zip closures looking intact, as you can see from the pictures.

    We received a beautiful Massimo Dutti leather jacket from a customer in Westcliff on Sea who needed the sleeves shortened. This soft black jacket was carefully cut to get 2 inches off the sleeves and re-stitched with maximum precision. The zips detail and stitching patterns on each cuff were left unaltered, as shown in the image.

    A professional repair on a broken Woodland Leathers briefcase. We received this classic black leather briefcase with a broken clasp a few days ago and have now completed the repair. Our experienced leather technician removed the old clasp and very carefully substituted it with a new one, bringing the briefcase back to its original state.

    A professional bag repair on a leather backpack that needed a belt extension. Our skilled leather technician extended the belts by 4″ by adding an insert on both sides.  The customer was very pleased with the belt extension, which only costed her £40.00 – shipping included!

    We received a Woodland Leather full-length parka in black that had a few rips in different areas. We used invisible patching on some of them and completed the job with a panel replacement and re-colouring to give the parka a fresh look.

    We received a Ladies genuine fur coat worth up to £2000.00 that was torn around the armpit area on both sides, we stitched up or sewed up the torn areas and now the coat looks good as new.

    We received a brown leather travel bag in need of some repair. For this item we changed one of the poppers on one ide of the bag as the original was broken and missing. We also changed the main zip of the bag. This can be seen in the final two images of the 9 image grid.

    Another Jacket with another tear on the arm, this time a white ladies jacket. Our team were able to fix the jacket with a quick and easy panel change, leaving a happy client.

    We received two Woodland Leather jackets from a customer needing the sleeves lengethened. Here are the before and after pictures of the jackets having had the sleeves lengthened to fit the customer.

    As a family business, we are passionate about what we do and we ensure this passion shines through our work in the level of quality we produce when carrying out leather repairs and restorations as well as producing new products. At Woodland Leathers, we are experts in leather alterations, repairs and restoration of all types of leather clothing and accessories.

    Get in touch today to discuss your leather repair requirements, call 020 8502 2910 or email