Woodland Leathers Ltd (WLL) – Leather Policy 

This Policy was issued on 20th July 2020 and will be reviewed annually for accuracy, completeness and relevance. 

This Policy applies to all products purchased by WLL containing any amount of natural leather, whether for sale to our customers or for use in our business. 

This Policy forms part of WLL Sustainable Environmental Social Governance (SESG) Programme, our performance is reported internally once every 12 months. 

Leather supply chains 

Natural leather is a beautiful, hard-wearing and desirable material used widely in WLL products. Our leather is natural and synthetic, natural being a by-product of the meat packing industry. Creating safe, durable leather requires many processes often involving several different value-adding businesses from around the world. 

WLL recognises that good practice throughout the leather production process is essential to avoid environmental and social damage and we will endeavour to reduce or mitigate any pollution of water through the processes involved in tanning and colouring of the hides. 

Our commitment 

We commit to sourcing all our leather from supply chains which meet our Leather Minimum Performance Requirements (see below) and to continuously improve and internally report our sourcing performance – year on year – via our Sustainable Environmental Social Governance (SESG) Programme. 

Minimum Performance Requirements 

✔ All leather used in WLL products must come from animal skins which are a by-product of the meat packing industry 

✔ Animal skins used in leather production for WLL products must not be obtained from aborted or live animals or endangered species (including any species listed on the three CITES Appendices) 

✔ The supplying partner must declare the species of animal and country of slaughter for all products containing leather – prior to production for WLL 

✔ WLL will require evidence – from its supplying partners – to demonstrate that their leather supply chains do not contribute to deforestation 

✔ All leather-containing products will be subject to WLL Risk Management Procedure (see below).

 WLL – Risk Management Procedure 

All supplying partners of products containing leather are subject to our Risk Management Procedure: 

✔ We seek to develop and maintain mutually beneficial and longstanding relationships with all our supplying partners, supporting trusted and efficient communication between parties in the Assessment of Risk 

✔ It is the supplying partners’ responsibility to ensure the requirements of this Policy are effectively communicated to their suppliers and to obtain the information requested by us as part of our risk management procedures 

✔ WLL conducts an internal annual Risk Assessment process to establish and review risk indicators for leather products and the associated supply chains (e.g. species, country of slaughter, purchase volume, supplier). 

Risk monitoring includes : 

✔ We have a clear Risk Mitigation plan for leather Products: 

▪ We will insist that our supplying partners source from tanneries which meet our minimum leather standards

Mr Paramjit Doal

Mr Avtar Doal

Woodland Leathers Ltd

Date : 20th July 2020