At Woodland Leathers, we take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. Therefore we are asking you to send us your leather goods which you no longer wear. Every year thousands of tonnes of textiles ends up in landfills, many of it reusable; repairing and reselling leather items and donating the proceeds to charity is one of the many ways we are fulfilling our goals towards a sustainable future.


All clothing collected is either refurbished and sold, in this case the proceeds will be donated to charity or recycled and repurposed.




“Send us leather from ANY brand, in ANY condition”

As a wholesale/retail business which produces and sells leather goods, we are proud to say that our products have always stood the test of time. We take the time to ensure that every item we produce has a reduced chance of ending up in landfills by ensuring they can last a lifetime. Our hope is that our customers will wear and re-wear our items, and if there is any damage they send it back to us for repair if it can be repaired, and when they have finished with them pass them on for others to enjoy.


Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Complete our ‘request a label’ form
Step 3: Print and attach your free returns label to your parcel and send it back to us


    Your old clothes are received by our warehouse in Essex where our in-house leather repair technician with over 40 years of experience will take over. The items we receive will be separated into three categories:

    · Rewear — clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second-hand clothes and the proceeds will be donated to charity
    · Repair — old damaged items will be repaired, this could be a tear, broken zip, recolour or much worse hughes air co. Once the items are repaired, they will be sold as second-hand clothes and the proceeds will be donated to charity
    · Recycle — everything else is turned into other products

    All proceeds generated from resold items will be split between the Cochlear Implanted Childrens Support Group charity (CICS) and Mental Health Charity – MIND. In addition, for each kilogram of textiles that Woodland Leathers received, 0.05 gbp will be donated to a local charity organisation. Check how to find it commercial locksmith dublin.

    *Please note: We do not accept shoes.*