Leather Jackets Repair | Leather Coats Repair

If your leather garment or item does not fit you as it should, or is ripped/damaged, then we have the skills to alter or repair it for you correctly. It is important that leather alterations are always undertaken by professionals as leather alterations that are not performed correctly can ruin your garment and are nearly always irreversible. Check solid state controllers near me.

A tear or rip does not need to mean the end for a leather jacket or coat. Our skilled Tailors have the ability to replace panels and use specialised techniques to restore your leather jacket or coat to its original condition. Check san diego downtown.

Leather Jacket Repair Cost

  • Tapering sides – From £50.00
  • Tapering sleeves – From £50.00
  • Shortening hem – From £50.00
  • Shortening cuff – From £20.00 per cuff
  • Zip Replacement – From £30.00
  • Minor snag patch up – From £20.00
  • Minor snag / panel replace – From £60.00
  • Re conditioning / re colouring – From £40.00
  • Replace buttons and studs – From £20.00
  • Lining replace – £80.00

Get in touch

Please contact us by phone to discuss the repair, alteration or to make an appointment to visit us.

If you prefer, you may email us from here. Please send us a description of your requirements and one of our staff will contact you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). If possible, send an image.

Our quotation will include a secure courier for the return of your item. Once accepted, send your garment tracked to the address below with a note stating your name, contact number, return address and alteration/repair request and any reference code you may have been given.


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Phone : 020 8502 2910

Email : info@woodlandleathers.com

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